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Many people still hesitate to consult a chiropractor in Montreal because they wonder what is the price of a chiropractor in Montreal?

What is the hourly rate for a chiropractor? Here at the Jean-Talon Chiropractic Clinic, we have a very affordable rate allowing you to access superior quality chiropractic care.

Quick appointment for a consultation and exam.

»Treatments last an average of one hour

  • Consultation and exams.
  • Digital radiology service on site.
  • Prescription of postural exercises free of charge for our customers.

Accidents at work (CSST or CNESST) and on the road (SAAQ) are accepted with a medical prescription.

Our services are fully covered by the CSST and the SAAQ.

Open on saturday

In addition, the clinic is open on Saturdays to accommodate our patients who cannot attend during the week.


Pricing Table


Consultation and Exam
Chiropractic treatment with complementary therapy (interference or TENS)
Radiology-cervical region
Radiology-thoracic region
Radiology-Lumbar region
Radiology-Extremite (each pose)
Evaluation report
Exercise plan


$ 00.00 (No charge)
$ 00.00 (No charge)
$ 00.00 (No charge)

Chiropractic rate in Montreal

Chiropractic care is reimbursed by most insurance companies.
Please consult your insurer for details of your coverage.

In addition, it is a regulated profession recognized by law in all Canadian provinces. Consequently, the price of our chiropractic care conforms to the price list proposed by the Quebec Chiropractors Association. The hourly rate for a chiropractor in Montreal and those in Quebec refers to this grid.

Treatments could include one or more of the following treatment modalities:
Effective treatment by spinal manipulation or treatment without spinal manipulation using the following devices:

Arthrostim (vibrator and vibrator). Will be useful mainly on the vertebrae at the level of the dorsal or lumbar column.

  • Trigger point therapy (muscle work)
  • Complementary therapies: Electrotherapy and ultrasound